Committed to meet the educational needs

We understand educational needs as those encompassing physical, social, intellectual and emotional development. To achieve these aspirations we have developed a strong infrastructural base, comprehensive curriculum and a technology driven delivery mechanism. Our international linkages with schools and organizations justify the meaning and spirit of the school. We have further emboldened our resolve and commitment to meet the ever changing demands to make education relevant and responsive to the varied needs of today’s world.

Our school has been consistently producing outstanding results both academically as well as practically in the form of successes and achievements of its alumni. Therefore, apart from its old boys, girls and their families there is always a large number of people who wish to glean information about various aspects of the school.

In order to address this widely felt need within the country and also keeping in mind our school's Diaspora around the world, we have launched the official Website of Aajad International school. It aims at providing comprehensive and useful packages of authentic information about the school as well as regular updates on the projects, events, activities, the faculty and policy changes as they occur in the course of time.

Aajad Your First Choice

At our school we provide a holistic education in a loving, secure and structured family environment.

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A whole gamut of extra-curricular and personality development activities at Aajad school provide every child with a 'stage' where they can gain the 'confidence to outshine'

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