Why Aajad.........Because

At our school we provide a holistic, MUSLIM education in a loving, secure and structured family environment. We encourage each child to develop her talents, focusing on individual attainment rather than competitiveness with others. At the same time, we promote respect for self, others and the environment. Personal responsibility is encouraged.

Our school aims to provide the environment and facilities for the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, creative and physical development of all of our pupils. We strive to enable the pupils to value their own uniqueness in order to develop a healthy self-image. We encourage the ability to adapt to a rapidly changing world and to live at peace within it. We support and supplement the efforts of the parents in challenging each girl to achieve the best of which she is capable.

We are different because as a school structure:

  • Native English Speakers for KG’s and language teaching.
  • Free medical care.
  • Great attention is given to Islamic studies and Arabic Language.
  • Air-conditioned buses for Dammam, Khobar-Dharan, Sehat, Anak and Qatif.
  • Using modern educational technologies.
  • Using Data show in teaching.
  • Having modern language, computer and science labs.
  • Free classes every Thursdays.
  • Daily sport activities.
  • Celebration of different events and festivals.
  • Continuous educational trip.
  • Unique uniform.