Principal Statement

Aajad school is an innovative, personalized learning school committed to providing a quality, diverse education in a safe and supportive environment in order to empower students to be independent learners and productive citizens in preparation for college, career, and community life.

Aajad school committed to providing learning opportunities which enable students to fulfill their potential. This incorporates all aspects - academic, cultural spiritual and sporting.

Aajad school has a proud reputation for academic excellence and sporting achievement. A committed staff, a supportive Board of Trustees and an energetic PRINCIPAL are responsible for the success. The values of honesty, justice and respect for others and ourselves underpin the special character of the school.

Students are challenged to pursue excellence in a family-like environment. The welfare of the student is of the highest priority. An extensive pastoral care system ensures that the student is treated as an important individual. Liston College offers the opportunity for students to excel in academic, sporting and cultural activities. The extensive co-curricular programme supports this.


My role as Principal is to ensure that every student is well equipped with knowledge, skills, attitudes, values and a sense of identity. I believe these are the necessary tools to become productive members of the global community and to develop fully in life. My vision for our students is that they develop a love of learning so they become lifelong learners

I am passionate about learning, and am always seeking ways to improve the educational experiences for our students. I highly value staff professional development to ensure learning programmes are innovative, interesting and effective. Support and encouragement of staff is a high priority, so they can continue to develop and improve their skills.

I believe the best education for our young people involves an holistic approach where students are encouraged to develop their academic, sporting, cultural, social and leadership abilities so they become balanced and well-adjusted people.