Management Team

Schools are managed by teams made up of the principal, deputy principal and heads of departments (HODs).

Aajad school improvement will be started by administrative and teacher

leadership in the school. The School management team members are charged with the duty of ascertaining that administration as well as leadership approaches implemented in a school bring about positive change in the school.

School-based management or site-based management is a practice that allows for greater autonomy of individual schools. The philosophy behind this movement is that stakeholders within the school and community can best govern the day-to-day operations and decision-making process of the organization. The school management team or site-based management committee plays an integral role in implementing site-based management.

Functions performed by the School Management Team:

Everyone in Aajad school has some responsibility in its successful running. The main responsibility rests on those in the position of school management. Systemic leadership signifies that all individuals hold certain levels of power and that different types of power are vested in different roles.

The SMT of Aajad school is responsible for effective management of the school and this consists of planning, leading and control. These three are aspects through which effective management and administration are reflected in Aajad as they are often used as norms for evaluating the success of a school.

Team Member

The school management team may have a different name at each school. However, the team should consist of the same types of individuals at any site: teachers of all grade levels or disciplines, the principal or headmaster, parents, support staff, community members and local business owners. The team should have student representation in middle and high schools.

Needs Assessment

The school management team should perform a needs assessment survey to identify the areas that require the greatest improvement. Students, teachers, support staff, parents and community members should be involved in the needs assessment to the greatest extent possible to obtain the most feedback. This assessment will assist the team in setting priorities and goals for the school.


The school management team should delegate responsibilities to existing committees for developing action plans to meet the school's needs. If no committee exists that can address a particular area of need, then the school management team may need to organize a committee for that purpose. For example, if the needs assessment reveals that technology is an area of need, then the technology committee should address those needs.

Decision Making

The school management team needs make sure the entire school is involved in the decision-making process, allowing all stakeholders opportunities to share ideas and opinions with team representatives. These representatives then bring the concerns of their constituents to the team itself. Team meetings should be a safe forum for the sharing of ideas and candid expression of views.


The school management team must examine current educational research and best practices. This will ensure that the team's choices are established using successful methods. These methods must include leadership and management practices.

Staff Development

The school management team should provide staff development when new procedures are needed to improve student performance. Teachers and staff must have professional development and specific training if they are to implement new methods effectively.