Extra-curricular/Personality Development Activities:

A whole gamut of extra-curricular and personality development activities at Aajad school provide every child with a 'stage' where they can gain the 'confidence to outshine'. Our aim is to provide a proper environment for the all-round development of child. There are an Interesting range of activities outside lessons which help develop the overall personality of the children. All children are actively encouraged to participate in these extracurricular activities organized for them and as a result have outshone many others, in external competitions.

Games, Physical Training and Drill:

Afternoon games, regular drill and physical training are compulsory for all the students.

Sports Facilities:

A comprehensive programme is already in place. Students can opt for swimming, squash, table tennis, basketball, skating, rifle shooting, yoga or judo. The students are encouraged to practice early in the morning or after school to excel at state and national level.

  • Swimming Pool
  • Squash Rackets
  • Table Tennis
  • Yoga
  • Judo
  • Roller Skating
  • Lawn Tennis
  • football
  • cricket
  • basket ball
  • karate
  • volleyball


Different educational and visits for the sake of entertainment will be conducted by specified responsible teachers.