Aajad International School- a leader in school education. The school curriculum revolves around the vision of the Chairperson- Mr.Qudri Al Desuki, serving to motivate, challenge and lead an accomplished team. Our endeavour is to help every child realize academic, social and emotional success. Our pursuit of excellence goes a long way in building positive and qualitative connections between all the stakeholders.

We strongly believe that academic pursuits, sportsmanship, creative and aesthetic ideas go hand in hand with developing personal values and ability to make a difference in the society we live in.

We believes in imparting best and qualitative education to the students through advanced educational system and innovative ideas. The school has one of the best computers, well equipped with Email and Internet facility. It provides ample opportunities to explore talent for the children within the school premises. A well-equipped computerized library with easy, high speed online access to worldwide information with most advanced system of learning has been set up for the students. Students can access online information through Internet and system based information through CD’s.

As an alumni of School, you are part of this large family. The alumni association welcomes you to your school through this website. Our aim is to re-connect with old friends and teachers, mentor the current students, remember how we were taught to be kind and from there to voluntarily give some of our time, skills and charity – lend a helping hand - to all those whom fortune has been less kind.

So, with rigorous standards that demand up-to-date teaching skills and a range of challenging programs, Aajad International School brings success within the reach of every student.

Aajad school that is developed by school officials, teachers, parent/guardians, and the child, which includes the child's present level of educational performance, annual goals and short-term instructional objectives, the extent of participation in the general education curriculum, a timeline of the services, and methods of measurement to be utilized in evaluating the progress of the child, the achievements or needs for revisions.

Our faculty at the Aajad School enlarges the learning experience. All teachers live on the campus and are actively involved in the extra and co-curricular activities that are penciled into the daily routine of the boys. Be it on the sports field, the sphere of publications or debates, teachers take an active interest and share a healthy rapport with the boys.

At the AAJAD school, we value our most invaluable resource - our teachers. They, in turn, not only transact the curriculum, but also generate an enthusiasm for learning and a questioning, critical disposition.